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Why sound check can make or break any performance

July 7, 2017


Sound check is the most important part of any show. It gives the band a chance to make sure all the colors and nuances of the set will have their proper chance at being heard. Heres a few tips on making sure you have a great sound check . 


1. Be very nice to the live sound engineer. 

2. If there is someone who handles your lights or lights for the venue, be sure to thank them for their time. 

3. Make sure all mic's needed for your performance are working, eq'd loud enough and on stage ( no one likes watching a band where the singer is in fact singing but no one in the crowd can hear him or her.

4. Bring an extra guitar in case a string breaks

5. Bring an extra bass incase a string breaks

6. Bring an extra snare incase the snare breaks

7. Bring extra drum heads

8. Bring your own vocal mic incase the venue doesn't have one, loses one, or breaks . 

9. Make sure you can hear everyone you want to be able to hear on stage. 


Get out there and wow some people with your amazing musicianship and stage performance. Don't forget to be thankful to the sound guy and the light guy ( or gal ) . 

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